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Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche runs the Toronto Marathon, November 2003.




Donations can be made by credit card using the form below or by check (see below) in either U.S. or Canadian dollars. Donations are tax deductible to the full extent permitted by U.S. and Canadian law.

Thank you for your support!

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Visa and Mastercard will require instant payment through Beanstream for Canadian donors and Paypal for American/International donors.

Those using Paypal can pay with credit card without creating an account look for the text and link "No PayPal account? Pay using your credit or debit card".

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Paying by Check

Please make checks out to:  Konchok Foundation.  

Donations in US dollars should be sent to:
Ginny Lipson, Shambhala Center;
1345 Spruce St., Boulder, CO 80302

Please make check out to: Shambhala International, with "Konchok Foundation" in the memo section.

Donations in Canadian dollars should be sent to:
Director of the Shambhala Office of Finance and Development,
Shambhala International
1084 Tower Rd, Halifax NS B3H 2Y5 Canada

If you include your email address in with your check, we will send you updates by email.

The work of the Konchok Foundation is supported entirely by gifts from individual donors. Donations are tax deductible.

Please feel free to contact our gifts coordinator, Ginny Lipson: ginnylipson@gmail.com


If you wish to restrict your donation to a specific purpose, you must let us know.  There are several ways to notify us:

--For credit card donations, enter the restricted purpose on the “instructions to merchant” section.

--For donations by check, enter the restricted purpose on the memo line of the check

--For donations by either credit card or check, you can also send an email to ginnylipson@gmail.com informing us of the restriction on your donation.

Your donation may be restricted, if you wish, to any of the programs supported by Konchok Foundation. 

These include:

construction of the Surmang shedra,

the Surmang educational program for local children,

 living and educational expenses for Trungpa XII Rinpoche,

support for Surmang monks and Karma Senge rinpoche's monks and nuns on retreat

If you do not specify a purpose, we will use your funds for whichever of the programs supported by Konchok Foundation has the highest priority for additional support at the time of your donation.


Please direct any questions to ginnylipson@gmail.com



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